The Digital User: Which one are you?

15 Jul

In my work with adults whether they are educators, leaders, parents and/or business people, I find it profound to see such a variation in people’s paradigms about the Digital world and the way they use or don’t use digital technology. Sometimes when we are presented with digital challenges we can also end up in a paradigm we never expected. We can be different digital users at different times. Which one are you at the moment?

The Digiphobe

If you avoid the digital world, chances are you are not comfortable to use it and are more than likely actually afraid of it. You won’t consider changing for anyone and are usually stubborn when it comes to realising the potential of what digital devices bring. You prefer making excuses for not using it and you might even be proud of yourself for not using it at all, wondering what the hype is all about. Your life is grand just as it is without it. 



The Complainer

You are the one that is forced to use digital devices within your work and/or life. Along the way you cannot help but complain about it and what it doesn’t do for you. You might even say it does’t like you or every time you touch it something goes wrong. You only use it when you have to and if you could avoid it you would. 



The Comfort Zoner

You only use what you know how to use and wouldn’t dare go outside your comfort zone and try something new. To you, the digital world is a means of getting something you need done. You only use what you believe you need and that is it. It serves a practical purpose for you. 



The Socialite

You enjoy using digital tools to socialise with others. You are the selfie fan, the one that likes to stand out in a digital crowd. You want to be known and to know others. You interact with as many people online as possible and you love seeing the friend figures go up. To you the more friends you have, the happier you are. You have a device in your hand regularly and you don’t hesitate to capture every moment possible to share with others. 



The Explorer

You enjoy using digital devices to see what they offer. You tinker with features, take risks, locate new and interesting sites and you enjoy learning new things with it. To you the digital world is a playground where you get to discover and play along the way. You might be an online game player or even a creator. You make many mistakes, crash your device and lose time and data because you just can’t help testing the limits of what is possible.  



The Entrepreneur

To you technology is a way of creating innovative ways to make a living. Whether you create your own online store, new invention for others to buy or use it to advertise your ideas and work, digital tools are important in achieving results for you.  





The Change Maker

Making a difference in the world is what you are about and you use digital devices as a powerful way to do this. Social justice is important to you and you know that your voice can be heard far more through using technology and encouraging others to join you. You are an activist and someone that serves a cause. 



The Expert

You have high level skills in using technology to troubleshoot and support others. You are the technician, the geek the one that knows what to do when something goes wrong. 





Now that you know the different digital user you can be, which one suits you best most of the time? Can you identify others that fit other user profiles? One thing is certain, the digital world is here to stay. We should embrace it for what it can do to enhance our lives and our learning. 

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