Multi-player Thumb Wrestle – Fun with Learning

17 Nov


At the end of the teaching year we often see tired students and teachers – it is all that concentration, hard work and growth.

Here is a fun activity idea, but first watch this video:

I wonder how students might respond to this?  Wanting to give it a go in the classroom, here are some ways to make it not just fun, but a learning experience too.

  • Use as an engagement activity;
  • Discuss rules and their importance;
  • Write a procedural text – explore how to do this in a multimodal way;
  • Use as a writing prompt;
  • Have students play and then design their own game that connects people in a fun way;
  • Do this as a whole year level event (or larger). Create posters, tickets and advertising/marketing for the big event.   Share it offline or online;
  • Use as a prompt to explore inclusion, competition, sportsmanship, trying new things etc;
  • Maths: How many thumbs/fingers… (maths stories); arrays and multiplicative thinking (e.g., a different way to illustrate ‘groups of’), repeated addition and skip counting, algebra, chance and data etc;
  • Tuning in, for a unit on Games;
  • Social and emotional intelligence work – focusing on Jane’s talk about all the things you will experience in just one minute by participating;
  • Use as a ‘Connect and Recharge’;
  • Investigate the different levels Jane mentioned;
  • Use it to increase positivity in the classroom;
  • As a problem-solving and group game;
  • Use a reward for reaching a class goal.

The possibilities are limitless.  I am sure your students could come up with lots of different learning experiences from this too.

Perhaps you might want to do it as a staff or team building task. The possibilities are endless.

1,2,3,4… I declare fun galore



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