Teachers Matter

16 Jan

Recently I came across the news article “The Most (and least) Popular University Courses Since 1989.” The most obvious feature for me was the ongoing popularity decline in Education as shown in this image.

We also know that 53% of teachers that have completed a degree are not working as teachers, and between 40% to 50% of graduates leave within the first five years of teaching. The statistics are alarming.

The question is: Why? My answer is simple and essential – Our teachers need to know they matter. If we are to encourage people to become teachers and to retain those that begin teaching, we need to support the ones that are already there. When teachers feel supported, just like their students, they will value what they do and who they are.

Each year I’m fortunate to work with thousands of teachers and see their dedication and passion for their profession and their students. What I also see is how often they question whether they matter and what they are doing is enough? The media has not helped in supporting our teachers and neither have our politicians. It’s time we stopped blaming teachers and started realising their true worth. They entered the profession with a real passion for learning and supporting students to be the best they can be. They work tirelessly beyond school hours and spend a considerable amount of time thinking, planning, making resources and learning themselves.

Research tells us that the teacher is the most powerful force to support students to succeed in learning at school. What are we doing about supporting our teachers? What is one thing you can do to make a difference to a teacher you know today?

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